Jebtal Imports Helps Union County, NJ

Jebtal Imports delivered over 100,000 masks to Union County, New Jersey in 2020. We were able to deliver during a time when times were difficult to receive PPE. We are glad we were able to help their community be safe.

The Union County Freeholder Board will distribute 100,000 face masks to its 21 municipalities as part of “Mask Up UC,” a Countywide public safety campaign to encourage all County residents to wear face masks and safeguard themselves and others from potential exposure to COVID-19.

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Jebtal Gives Back

Jebtal Marketplace, which is a part of the Jebtal Imports network of companies, specializes in sourcing goods from eastern markets. The company has focused on the importation of PPE throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic to help serve the growing global demand.. Through its extensive network, Jebtal Marketplace has secured vast quantities of PPE including face masks, surgical gowns, gloves and hand sanitizer to distribute to hospitals, governments and private companies. “After seeing firsthand how difficult it is to source quality PPE, we knew that it was our duty to give back to our frontline workers,” said James Buford founder of Jebtal Imports. “We are happy to help in the fight against COVID-19.” While the need for masks varies, law enforcement agencies have found it tougher to get what they need because when it comes to the order of priority, they are the last to get filled. Jebtal Marketplace looks forward to a continued partnership with the Troy Police Department to protect the community.

Considerations for Wearing Masks

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that people in public settings and when around others who don’t live in their household to wear a mask when social distancing remains difficult. Those who are over the age of two, are conscious, capacitated and can remove their masks are encouraged to wear masks for the following reasons:

1. Masks provide protection against respiratory droplets can be stopped before they reach another person
2. Masks may help prevent COVID-19
3. Masks are most likely to reduce the spread of COVID-19 when they are widely worn by individuals in public settings

Keep in mind that virus that causes COVID-19 can be spread before symptoms appear, by such things coughing, sneezing, or even speaking at close range. Masks can protect you from me and me from you. Wearing a mask in addition with social distancing and handwashing are important in limiting the spread of COVID-19.