Customer Satisfaction

At Jebtal, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. And that is why we ensure that all products we offer, are sourced only after thorough
inspection of the manufacturing units. Our expert advisors are available to ensure that the finished product meets all design characteristics and quality attributes, as required by us. We have quality assurance teams in the United States as well as in India to assure that products shipped by us meet necessary quality standards.

We understand the complexity and competitiveness of our industry, the need to reduce costs and improve margins. However, at Jebtal, maintaining quality of our products is paramount. Our aim is to become a one-stop shop in the health and wellness space, providing top quality products at competitive pricing with excellent customer service. And that is why, we ensure to verify all products offered to you by us. All necessary certifications and testing reports are obtained rom the manufacturers well in advance.





Global Supply

Our global supply chain system makes sure that we benefit from the resources available in developing countries around the
world. Low-cost manufacturing ensures profitability by reducing costs and encouraging businesses to expand into international
markets. We have a complex network of manufacturing, transportation, and communication partners that move products and
material through worldwide production and distribution channels. This ensures timely delivery of finished goods as they travel
from manufacturers and suppliers to us via wholesalers and distributors.

In order to manage our logistics more efficiently, we at Jebtal, have partnered with Logistics Plus, a leading worldwide transportation
and logistics company. Logistics Plus is a leading provider of customs brokerage and global trade compliance solutions. It helps us
reduce our import lead time, assures our goods enter the country swiftly by working with the cargo services that commute back
and forth from India, China, Australia, and Singapore to the USA.