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Enjoying the healthy benefits of tea.

Tea, as a daily beverage has been enjoyed by people across the globe for several years, the biggest manufacturers of fine tea
being China, India and Sri Lanka.

In the early 1830s, the British started experimenting with Indian tea, and it was them who started large scale production of tea
in India. Tea gardens sprang up in Assam and Darjeeling where the soil was highly suitable for tea cultivation.

Even though the British left India in the year 1947, the tea market in India has been booming ever since. However, about 60%
of the total tea production in India is consumed domestically. Indians use tea leaves as part of their daily consumption due to
its medicinal properties.

At Jebtal, we source our tea from the finest tea producing regions in India. Assam black teas are one of the best choices for
caffeinated teas, they make for a good substitute of coffee. Darjeeling black teas, on the other hand are lighter than most
blacks, they pack a punch when it comes to aiding wellness.

Both black tea and green tea are made from the same plant, the difference being on how the tea leaves are processed. The
process also gives each tea its unique flavour. Addition of spices and other herbs to the tea also adds to the unique taste and
medicinal value.

Herbal teas, however, are not made from the same plant. They are products of the roots, leaves, flowers and other components
from a variety of plants. For instance, chamomile tea is made from the plant’s flower. Peppermint tea is made from the leaves of
the mint plant.

But why tea?

Drinking tea on a regular basis has a whole lot of health benefits. Green tea is known for its fat burning properties, boosting
weight loss making it the best tea for weight loss. It also has anti-ageing properties and lowers the risk of chronic diseases.

Even black tea is rich in antioxidants, boosts weight loss and brings down stress levels. It is known for having anti-inflammatory,
antioxidant properties that improves bone density, is great for people with cardiovascular ailments and helps promote wellness.

We at Jebtal, offer a wide range of teas for your consumption. Different teas have different health benefits. For instance, black
tea with lemon is a calorie-free beverage that makes it a great addition to your weight loss diet. Chamomile tea supports better
sleep. The addition of spices like ginger, cardamom and mint help with digestion. Turmeric and tulsi help the body fight against
disease causing microorganism by giving the immune system a much-needed boost.