We are bringing health vitamins to market. Coming Soon.

Let’s discuss health.

Good health is our greatest possession and that is why taking care of our overall health is important.

Overall, our immune system does an incredible job of defending us against disease causing microorganisms. But with Covid-19
hitting all parts of the world, what do we do in order to give our immunity that much needed boost?

The very first step towards better immunity is a better lifestyle. Good sleep, plenty of exercise, reduced stress levels, adequate
hydration, all these factors play a crucial role in building better resistance to sickness. However, what plays an even more
important role in boosting our immunity is a good diet, full of ample nutrition. While a healthy diet can largely help you keep
your overall health to a certain degree, you may need to take some multivitamins, immunity boosters or other nutritional
supplements to make your immune system stronger.

It has also been observed that as we age, our immune response capability becomes reduced, which in turn contributes to more
infections in the elderly. That is why Covid-19 has had a greater impact on ages 65 years and above.

So, what can you do? If you think your diet does not provide you with all the micronutrients necessary - maybe, for instance,
you don't like vegetables - taking a multivitamin or nutritional supplement would be greatly beneficial to you.

And that is why, we at Jebtal Imports, focus on bringing good health to you!